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Tampa Skyway Aviation Academy in Florida
Tampa Skyway Aviation Academy
provides a unique opportunity for everyone who wants to learn to fly. We tailor our training for every type of pilot, weather
recreational or career oriented. 
What training does TSAA offer?

What can I expect during my training at Tampa Skyway Aviation Academy?

At TSAA, we value providing quality instruction and well maintained aircraft while also holding our students to high standards, ensuring they are prepared for a bright future in the aviation field.


I would like to become an airline pilot, how can TSAA help me?

To reach the airlines, pilots must receive a few different licenses before continuing on to the airlines:

Private Pilot License PPL — The first step for any aspiring pilot, this certificate allows a pilot to fly an aircraft under visual flight rules for leisure, business, or as a first step towards becoming an airline pilot.

Instrument Rating IFR — An instrument rating opens many new doors for pilots, including flying through clouds and descending as low as 200ft from the runway using only the instruments aboard the aircraft.

Commercial Pilot License CPL — The commercial pilot certificate allows a pilot to begin flying for hire, with this certificate, many doors open for a pilot to begin building hours and experience, such as

  • Private/charter pilot
  • Certificated Flight Instructor
  • Cargo pilot

4) Multiengine Rating MEL — The multiengine rating allows pilots to fly a wide array of new aircraft, usually bigger and faster aircraft such as jets, and is generally considered one of the last stepping stones on the way to the airlines.

What airplane fleet does Tampa Skyway Aviation Academy use?

TSAA utilizes a single type fleet of Socata TB-9 Tampico aircraft:

  1. The widest cabin and cockpit windows in it’s class allows for optimal comfort and visibility.
  2. Docile and forgiving flight characteristics makes this aircraft the optimal trainer.
  3. Modern glass cockpit displays ensures our students are prepared for the future.
  4. Swing doors on both sides make boarding and deplaneing easier.

How does scheduling work at TSAA?

We are committed to providing flexible scheduling to work around our student’s busy personal schedules.

How do I pay for flight training?

We accept all forms of payment, and believe in a «pay as you go» method for maximum flexibility for our students.

How to begin flight training at Tampa Skyway Aviation Academy?

Three simple steps separate you from the accomplishment of your dream:

  1. Call and sign up for a discovery flight.
  2.  Ask any questions you may have.
  3. Choose a training program and fly as much as you would like.

And that’s it, you are a student of the flight school Tampa Skyway Aviation Academy! We will be glad to help you open up a world of new opportunities


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